Welcome to our Happy Place! - CopperHill, TN Cool YouTube Video We stumbled upon recently! It's sleepy, but ALOT to do  - if you know where to go! Watch Here    



White Water Rafting

You can raft with one of the commercial rafting companies (you have to be 13 - the rafting is intense so not for everyone), but even if you don’t raft, you can go and watch the rafts come down.  There are also miles of trails around there (see the website, and the visitors center is also helpful about the trails). They have a great visitor center that was built for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, as it was the sight for the rafting that Olympics.
  1. If you want to just watch (and this is the #1 spot we visit almost every time we are here!)Whitewater center is a must.
  2. If you want to RIDE - here are the 2 outfitters we typically use!https://www.ocoeerafting.com/https://wildwaterrafting.com/adventures/ocoee-river-rafting/
  3. For a less intense water experience you can float the Hiawassee - my 10-year-old loves this, so it’s low key.  Ir takes about  2.5 hours.The commercial outfitter that services Hiawassee - https://www.webbbros.com/
Great restaurant for lunch across the bridge from Webb brothers. https://www.flipflopburgers.com/   In the city of Copperhill, which is only 3 minutes from the cabin, there is some shopping (across from IGA is an outlet of blue ridge outfitters that we always go into for good deals);


http://www.persimmoncreekcampground.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Persimmoncreekcampground/  

FOOD Nearby:

  From blue ridge, you can do the blue ridge scenic railway.  They stop in copperhill/mccaysville so we recommend doing the one leg rather than riding it back, but that requires someone to drop you off at train in blue ridge and then pick you up in maccaysville (mccaysville is the Georgia side of the town, and the river in Georgia is called the Toccoa; the Tennessee side of the town is Copperhill, and the river is called the Ocoee - there’s a great photo op for the state line diagonally across the street from the IGA).       Blue Ridge - ALOT of fun things going on there and only 15 min drive!